November is Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month

Events for Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month

We believe that our students, staff and communities are enriched by learning about the histories, cultures, contributions and perspectives of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples in Canada.

To promote understanding, and as part of our commitment to championing Indigenous education, achievement and awareness, we are very pleased to once again recognize November as Indigenous Peoples Awareness Month. The month of November was chosen because of other special dates and events in November, including Treaty Recognition Week, Louis Riel Day and Inuit Day.

We know that we have much work to do in continuing to raise awareness and understanding amongst our students about Indigenous histories, cultures, perspectives and contributions. I thank you for all the work you continue to do to transform educational experiences for ALL students by including historically and culturally accurate and relevant curriculum, teaching and learning about Indigenous peoples, histories and perspectives.

We are very honoured to have many guests and knowledge holders into our schools this month through virtual visits due to Covid-19 protocols.

Please see below a list of events and activities for students and staff:   


Treaty History; Inherent and Treaty Rights


NDW4M Course: Indigenous Issues in Film, showcasing student work


Experience as a First Nation writer, artist, and television producer


Launch of Monthly Drop-in for NBE Teachers


Treaty History & Contemporary Relevance


November 7 - International Inuit Day


November 8 - National Aboriginal Veterans Day


Launch of Monthly Drop-in for Elementary Teachers 


National Film Board Resources


Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship


Launch of Monthly Drop-in for Indigenous Studies Teachers


Resources available on the Department site.


My Story, Our Story: Lessons from the Métis Sash


Rick Beaver (Alderville First Nation) - How my art is contributing to environmental stewardship via the influence of traditional teachings and symbology and the support given to various organizations.


Traditional Foods with the Medicine Wheel


Community Building through Music


Weaving Indigenous Curriculum ~ Launch of Monthly Drop-In for Teachers


Cultural Revival: A Story of Reconnection


Worldview as a Métis Educator


Personal Journey as a First Nation Musician


Role of First Nations Youth in the Ezhi-Wiijikiwendiyang Friendship Accord Signing


Launch of Indigenous Ed. Department YouTube channel


Launch of Indigenous Ed. Department Podcast channel



November 2-6 is Treaties Recognition Week in Ontario

Treaties Recognition Week is a time to learn about the importance of treaties in Ontario.

Ontario is covered by 46 treaties and other agreements, such as land purchases by the Crown. These agreements were signed between 1781 and 1930.

Schools within the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board sit on land within the Williams Treaties of 1923, signed with the Mississauga and Chippewa Nations. The Williams Treaties First Nations include the Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation, Curve Lake First Nation, and Hiawatha First Nation, as well as other neighbouring First Nations.

Treaties helped to establish relationships between First Nations and Europeans, and between people and the land.

To learn more about Treaties and access other resources, please visit our Indigenous Education page.

You may also wish to visit the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation’s website:

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