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Through a Pupil Accommodation Review Process, a committee of community stakeholders supported the idea of consolidating the Armour Heights and King George Public School students into one new school on the King George property. During the review process, it became clear that the community was passionate about the potential opportunities of a new school.

The Minister of Education visited King George Public School on October 31, 2016 to announce funding to build the new school. Following the announcement, we invited the Ashburnham community to share their thoughts, to help inform the design of their new school.

East City School Update - February 26, 2018

Together with our students, families and the community, we continue to be excited about plans for our newest elementary school in Peterborough, to replace both King George and Armour Heights Public Schools. 


As you know, the King George property has many unique features that we want to maintain, and take advantage of, in the design of our new school, and we know our community shares this desire to preserve and maximize the natural environment. As we continue through the design phase, these features also present us with some site challenges and additional considerations.

From the beginning, we have worked closely with City of Peterborough staff, and continue to meet regularly regarding site plan requirements, including: tests and assessments, work to support drainage and reduce environmental impact on the site, as well as roadwork associated with Museum Drive access. We continue to work through all of these items cooperatively with City of Peterborough staff. We have also applied to the Ministry of Education requesting additional funding to support these costs and we are hopeful that we will receive this funding.

As we move forward, recognizing the time it takes to complete this extensive process, it has become clear that we won’t be able to open our new school in September 2019 as initially planned. We wanted to let our community know this information now, and once we receive site plan approval, we will revise our timelines with a new opening date. We hope to be able to provide this information through an update this fall.

While the delay is disappointing, we know our new school is worth the wait and will offer many wonderful educational opportunities for our students, as well as benefit the entire community. 

Our new school in East City/Ashburnham will house 674 Kindergarten - Grade 8 students, including a French Immersion program, and a child care centre for the community. The community has played an active role in planning for the new school, identifying the desire to incorporate green/sustainable features, modern learning environments, and innovative site and building design.

East City School Open House Design Renderings

On October 19, the #EastCitySchool community participated in an Open House event to view their new school designs.

The new school design reflects the community’s feedback, received through a community collaboration process last fall. The new school design incorporates:

·         Modern learning environments

·         Both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities

·         Green/sustainable features

·         Innovative use of the site’s unique features; and

·         A design that reflects the aesthetics of the surrounding community.

View of East Entrance
View of West Entrance
Landscape Concept
Lower Floor Plan
Main Floor Plan
Upper Floor Plan

School Architect Selection                                                         

Beginning in January 2017, the school board coordinated an Architect Selection process to find an innovative architect to design our new school. A two-phased competitive design process was used to first create a short list of the highest scoring firms, and then ultimately choose the best architect for our new school design. Competing firms provided evidence of their experience and ability to incorporate green/sustainable features, create modern learning environments, develop innovative site and building designs and bring together two or more student populations.

Through this process, Moffet and Duncan Architects was awarded the contract to design our new school. Moffet and Duncan Architects have designed 20 secondary schools, over 100 elementary schools and 20 child care centres for many school boards across Ontario, in the last 15 years. They have extensive experience designing sustainable/green features of school buildings and outdoor learning spaces, and in creating flexible, modern learning environments that support the principles of 21st century learning. Their submission reflected suggestions for innovative use of the site, and a strong emphasis on the incorporation of natural light and flexible indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

The architect then met with a school design team to focus on incorporating key design features, as identified by the Accommodation Review Committee, supported by the Board of Trustees, and expanded upon by the #EastCitySchool school design collaboration and focus group session participants.

Our new school is scheduled to open September 2019 and will include both English and French Immersion streams. The unique natural environment of the King George property represents an opportunity to build an innovative school that features 21st century learning environments, sustainable design, integration of indoor and outdoor learning environments, a child care facility and natural play spaces.

Building Our New School

The projected timelines for the school design and build are as follows:

About the Community Collaboration

In the fall of 2016, the school board invited community collaboration, through an online platform, in three key areas that were identified during the accommodation review process. The community could share their own ideas and see the ideas shared by others.

Over 100 ideas and thoughts were provided through the online platform! You can view the ideas provided by the community, by clicking here.

A stakeholder group of students, staff, parents and community members met in December 2016 to review the ideas provided, and synthesize them, to be used to inform the selection process for the school's architectural team.

Please click here to see the Powerpoint presentation from the focus group.

Please click here to see the synthesized ideas from the focus group.

Watch for more updates as we move forward!

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