Cannabis Legislation

Many parents and guardians have been wondering what effect the legalization of marijuana will have on  KPR schools. In short, KPR schools will treat cannabis in much the same way they treat alcohol: students of any age will not be allowed to use marijuana at schools, on school buses or field trips. 

With the new federal law coming into effect October 17, 2018:

    - non-medical marijuana use will be legal only for those age 19 and older 

    - any student, at any age, could be suspended for possessing or being under the influence of cannabis at school

    - any student who shares marijuana with others younger than 19 could be expelled from school

    - it will be illegal for adults to use cannabis on, or within 20 metres of, school grounds

    - it will be illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis, and drivers age 21 or under will not be allowed to have any cannabis in their system.

If you have any questions about cannabis at school, please speak with your principal or vice-principal.  Further information on the new law is available at  Information on how to talk to your child about cannabis can be found at Cannabis Information – CAMH.