Crestwood SS Accommodation Planning

Crestwood SS Family of Schools Accommodation Planning 

KPR is proposing changes to several schools in the Crestwood Secondary School Family of Schools, to accommodate rapidly growing elementary student enrolment. We also have held several meetings and opportunities for families to learn more about the proposal and other options, ask questions and offer input.  

Resource Committee Recommendation 

The KPR School Board is pleased to provide the following update to families in the Crestwood Family of Schools on recommendations for handling rapidly growing enrolment in our elementary schools. 

At its January meeting, the Board’s Resource Committee received a recommendation from senior administration to establish a new intermediate school for Grades 7-8 students at Crestwood SS, effective September 2020. Grade 7-8 students from Kawartha Heights PS, Westmount PS (English stream), Millbrook/South Cavan PS and North Cavan PS would attend the new intermediate school at Crestwood. This option would also include the step of moving Grades 7-8 French Immersion classes from Westmount PS to Adam Scott CVI, effective September 2020. 

After hearing community delegations and discussing the options at length, Resource Committee decided to recommend delaying implementation of the new intermediate school by one year, so that it would take effect in September 2021. 

It’s important families understand that Resource Committee is making a recommendation only; it is not the final decision. The full Board of Trustees will make the final decision at the Tuesday, January 28 Board meeting, when it receives Resource Committee’s recommendation.  

See the report from senior administration that went to Resource Committee. Resource Committee is recommending delaying implementation of the changes to September 2021.


See the REVISED (December 9, 2019) Question and Answer sheet presented at the community meeting held at Crestwood SS for parents and guardians from all Crestwood feeder schools.  See the slides presented by senior administration at that November 28 meeting.  

Presentations were also offered at the following school council meetings:

            November 4, 2019, Millbrook/South Cavan PS

            November 11, 2019, Crestwood SS

            November 12, 2019, Westmount PS

            November 13, 2019, North Cavan PS

            November 20, 2019, Kawartha Heights PS


What’s next?

Senior administration will be reviewing all feedback provided by the community, and prepare a report with recommendations for Trustees. This report will be presented at the next Resource Committee meeting:


Wednesday, January 8th, 7 p.m.

              Boardroom, KPR Education Centre

              1994 Fisher Dr., Peterborough


At this meeting, Resource Committee will consider the report and decide upon what it will recommend to Trustees for final approval at the January Board meeting. The Board meeting will take place:


Tuesday, January 28th, 7 p.m.

              Boardroom, Education Centre


Both the Committee and Board meetings are public, and all interested community members are welcome to attend and hear the discussions. KPR also welcomes delegations from the community at the start of both meetings. Requests to offer a delegation at the Resource Committee meeting should be emailed to . Those wishing to offer a delegation at the Board meeting should email

The length of time allowed for each delegation depends on how far ahead people apply to speak at the meeting. For further information, please visit


The January 28 Board meetings also will be available via live streaming at , for those unable to attend in person.


Please see the letter that was sent home to all parents and guardians on October 10, 2019.